Apple’s Vision Pro headset is placed to discharge for customers these days, but YouTube is certainly not presently creating a passionate application when it comes to unit. The developer who made Apollo for Reddit client, has made his blog.

The app costs $5 for a one-time purchase and doesn’t have any recurring revenue model to fill that void, Christian Selig. Selig said on that the app uses YouTube’s embed API, which essentially loads videos in a web view and provides controls for playback.

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Christian Selig

The developer mentioned that this allows an app like Juno to run natively, and even windows that are automatically resize on various aspect ratios. Plus, through the embed API, YouTube can show ads to still users who are not subscribed to the Premium tier.Juno app allows features like resizable windows, pinch drag to scrub through the video, double pinch on sides to move the video forward or back by 10 seconds, and surroundings that are dim concentrate on the video clip.

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