WhatsApp announced today that it’s launching a new feature on iOS that lets users create, edit and share their own stickers. With this feature that is new you’ll change your photographs into stickers or customize current stickers. You will no longer have to drag-and-drop pictures from your own picture gallery or usage third-party apps to generate customized stickers, and may rather produce all of them right in the messaging that is meta-owned

You can personalize stickers using WhatsApp’s suite of editing tools, including text, drawing and the ability to overlay other stickers. Once you send a custom sticker, it will automatically be saved in your sticker tray it again whenever you would like to.

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To create a sticker from an image you have to start by opening your sticker tray by selecting the sticker icon to the right of the text box so you can use. After that, you ought to pick the sticker that is“create option and choose a photo from your gallery. Then, you can customize your sticker by choosing a cutout and text that is adding various other stickers or attracting onto it. When you’re done, you’ll deliver your sticker.(*)If you need to modify an sticker that is existing you need to open the sticker tray and long-press the sticker you want to edit. Then, you need to select the “edit sticker” button. You can then customize your sticker to your liking and send it when you’re done.(*)WhatsApp says the sticker that is new, which will be currently readily available on WhatsApp internet, is moving down on iOS 17+ over the following days. it is unknown if the function shall roll-out to Android os users.(*)