This week Boston Dynamics retired its well-known Atlas robotic that was powered by hydraulics. Then right this moment it unveiled its new Atlas robotic, which is powered by electrical energy.

The change may not look like a lot, however For Millionaires’s Brian Heater advised the For Millionaires Minute that the now-deprecated hydraulics system was old-fashioned. It’s not laborious to identify why Boston Dynamics, owned by Hyundai, wished to go electrical. Its new Atlas robotic is leaner, and seems to have improved range-of-motion. Measurement and skill to contort and maneuver aren’t beauty components to a humanoid robotic — they’ll unlock new use circumstances and attainable work environments.

The brand new Atlas shouldn’t be extremely well-defined right this moment, which isn’t a large shock on condition that it’s nonetheless a piece in progress. Nonetheless, we do know that it’s going to first head to Hyundai factories earlier than hitting the market extra usually down the street.

Fortunately for these of us who need a home robotic to deal with family chores and maintain our arms while we cry, there are different startups engaged on the humanoid robotic challenge. Determine, Agility, Tesla, there are too many firms vying for a similar prize to notice on this brief put up. Which has me extremely excited — extra individuals engaged on the issue means faster progress, and hopefully quicker completion of a common objective humanoid robotic that may study.

On that final bit, it’s value holding in thoughts that AI is ready to play a big position in how robots go from being nice at set, repetitive duties to with the ability to study, and do a fantastic deal extra with out direct programming. Whereas it is going to take time for LLMs’ means to ingest language, write code, and the like to hook up with robots underneath growth right this moment, you possibly can spot the long run if you happen to squint far sufficient into the gap. To which all I can say is, quicker, please!