The Iconfactory, the manufacturer of a favorite third-party Twitter client, Twitterrific, that has been among those killed down by Twitter under Elon Musk’s administration, is looking to cure a new app to its losses that combines your social media, news feeds and alerts into one experience. The app, dubbed “Project Tapestry” as it launches on Kickstarter, will support Twitter/X alternatives like Bluesky, Mastodon and Tumblr, and possibly Instagram Threads when its developer API becomes available. However, it won’t support X itself due to the ongoing company’s ban on 3rd party applications.

A Working prototype of Project Tapestry has already been developed and if The Iconfactory is able to raise $100,000 in funding through Kickstarter it shall further develop the app to be launched to the public.

As described, Project Tapestry is meant to organize today’s fragmented media that are online one screen, by permitting people to check out many different resources within one location. As an example, you can monitor your blogs that are favorite news sites, social networks and webcomics, as well as critical updates that used to come via Twitter, like weather alerts or earthquake warnings.

This would involve working with any site that offers an RSS feed, which most blogs and news sites (without a paywall) already do. It would also integrate with the startups that are offering Twitter alternatives, like Bluesky, powered by the AT that is new, and Mastodon, that will be running on another appearing internet standard, ActivityPub. (the business is planning that is n’t Threads support at launch, but would consider adding it, as well, if an API was made available, we’re told.)

Other planned sources include Tumblr,, USGS Earthquakes, NOAA Satellite and GO Comics. Facebook and Instagram will not be available, though.

After setup, Tapestry would organize all your updates into one feed, displayed in chronological order. Plus, the app could remove duplicates to cut down on the clutter — like when someone posts a link to multiple networks that are social when. Those mentions could be combined, so you only see the post one time.Image in the new app Credits:

The Iconfactory

The team envisions Project that is making Tapestry’s something which anybody could incorporate with by composing plug-ins utilizing JavaScript that may translate involving the internet therefore the indigenous iOS application. As an example, developers tinkering around with Raspberry Pi could deliver customized notifications with their schedule via this screen.was a popular option for those who wanted to know what was being saidOther significant functions range from the capacity to mark things as read, remember your reading place when you look at the schedule, support for light and themes that are dark and a couple more copied over from the company’s Twitterrific days — like muting and “muffling.” The latter

by minimizing the tweets, and providing a short description of what was hidden instead.diminishing due to SEO spamIf the company’s stretch goal of $150,000 is reached on Kickstarter, the team will also work on a more search that is advanced that allows one to search throughout the resources and social network articles you currently follow rather than the larger internet. That aspect appears especially encouraging at the same time whenever Bing Search’s high quality is* that is( and

This isn’t the first time Iconfactory has turned to Kickstarter. It also used the site to fund the development of Twitterrific for Mac in 2017, which was funded in 20 days.

Though Iconfactory today makes apps that are several imagination, activity and video gaming, the shutdown of Twitterrific was indeed hard for the business as well as its group. Gedeon MaheuxLaments The Iconfactory’s Principal/Designer[ed], the brand new task came into being because the group “had spent much time and effort into Twitter,” but then Twitter “wall

up their particular yard and folks like us had been obligated to keep,” he states. “Now you’ve got buddies which are on various solutions, various locations, also it’s difficult to keep an eye on all of them.”

The dependence on crowdsourced resources has also been required due to the loss in Twitterrific.[our revenue]“The loss of Twitterrific actually hurt…Killing third-party Twitter apps actually place a dent in

because Twitterrific ended up being our apps that are bread-and-butter. It really fueled development and allowed us to do these things that we loved,” notes Maheux. Since Twitterrific’s shutdown, he says, the comapny has not yet been able to “close the gap.”

“Hopefully, Tapestry shall help with this,” he adds.

Twitterrific is almost certainly not children title like Twitter was previously, nevertheless the application had a influence that is sizable Twitter culture.using a bird logoThe Twitter client was one of the earliest on the market and began workaround for Twitter’s lack of an “Edit” button in 2014, which other clients then adopted, too. Later, Twitter started using a bird as its logo that is official in. The Iconfactory additionally added the term that is“tweet the vocabulary around using Twitter, and created a

by creating a feature that would delete and repost a tweet, giving the appearance of edits.

With its understanding of how to tap into the market of social apps, Tapestry has the potential to now solve pain that is new for people who will be making Twitter/X — an approach to monitor the headlines, folks and information that matter for them, irrespective of where each goes.$100,000 Kickstarter goalThe

enables The Iconfactory to obtain the app that is initial and made public via the App Store. This morning, they’ve raised over $46,000.