TikTok is coming for YouTube. The company has been spotted testing the ability for users to upload 30-minute videos, signaling a move that is significant through the short-form video clip structure that caused it to be preferred. Social networking consultant Matt Navarra spotted the option that is new the iOS beta version of the app in the U.K. Navarra told For Millionaires that he has heard from some users who are seeing the option in the Android beta version of TikTok as well.

TikTok did not respond to For Millionaires’s request for comment.

The company initially rose to popularity for its short-form video format but has slowly been embracing content that is long-form. In the event that new limit that is upload out widely, TikTok will have come a long way from its original video time limit of 15 seconds. After bumping up the limit from 15 seconds to a full minute, TikTok later extended it to 3 moments, after which ten minutes. TikTok started testing a video that is 15-minute limit a few months ago.

The change puts TikTok in even more competition that is direct YouTube. The move shows that TikTok really wants to entice video that is longer-form who normally post content on YouTube.

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In the past, TikTok was seen as the platform for short-form content, while YouTube was seen as the home of long-form content, with creators using both platforms to reach viewers. The past few years have blurred the lines between the two video platforms as TikTok embraces longer videos and YouTube adopts shorter videos with Shorts.

As with the time that is previous expansions, this new limitation will give designers much more some time versatility whenever revealing such things as preparing dishes, beauty tutorials, knowledge content and comedy sketches. Nevertheless, this new limit that is 30-minute open up a new type of content that wasn’t possible with the previous time limits, and that is the ability to upload full episodes of TV shows.

Last year, Peacock made episode one of “Killing It” available to watch for free on TikTok, but it was broken up into five parts. With this new 30-minute limit, networks would no longer have to break an episode up into several components, and might alternatively publish whole attacks in a single video clip on TikTok. Companies are actually making use of TikTok to achieve audiences, as well as the brand-new time that is upload could entice them to share content on TikTok.

Of Course, we have to consider the relative side for the audience. Not every person wants longer movies on TikTok, specially since most folks go into the system for fast, brief video clips. There’s already mention how TikTok is damaging people’s attention spans, so much longer video clips may possibly not be a addition that is welcome some. But TikTok has been preparing to make longer videos easier to watch, as the company has been testing a horizontal screen that is full in certain areas.

Plus, TikTok is apparently conscious that not everybody features an appetite for very long video clips, you fast-forward videos by holding down the right-side of a video.

As as it rolled out a feature last year that lets with any test feature, it’s unknown when or if TikTok plans to launch the video that is 30-minute choice commonly to all the users.(*)