Threads, the Twitter-like application from Instagram, is shaping up to check similar to its competition X aided by the current releases of trending topics, an in-app digital camera, drafts, and also as of today, a bookmarking feature for preserving articles for later reference more privately than utilizing a general public “like” (the center symbol.)

Bookmarking was a well known function for previous X people and hefty development customers, you to curate a collection of links and posts you may need to refer back to for any reason — perhaps because of a long article you intend to read later, or a significant piece of information you want to recall as it allows. On X, paid subscribers can even organize their bookmarks into various folders for easier access.

Image Credits: Threads

While the bookmarking icon is within easy reach on X at the bottom of the post, the feature that is new Threads is a little more concealed. In the place of to be able to save your self a post through the app’s timeline that is main you’ll have to tap on the three-dot menu to access the “Save” option.

To return to your bookmarks at a time that is later you’ll need certainly to go into the app’s configurations screen.

Image Credits: Threads

After announcing the news headlines in regards to the addition that is new Threads (of course!), several users complained in the comments that they don’t yet have access to this feature or even the recently announced trends. That’s because Instagram is rolling out threads that are new in stages as time passes, to not all the Threads individual base at a time. That is par for the program for Threads, not just considering that the task has actually a lot fewer manufacturing sources, weighed against the remainder of Meta, but because Threads continues to be a app that is sizable its own, with some 130 million monthly active users. 

Bookmarks aren’t the only feature that is new spotted by Threads users. Another Threads user noticed they’ve now started to obtain notifications from Threads and Twitter within their Instagram notifications. The company confirmed last week.(* in another effort to grow its app, Threads also began testing a cross-posting feature from Facebook to Threads

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