, the buzzy Paris-based startup that keeps releasing consumer social apps, is dropping its third app today with Amo’s third app. And it’s going to look really familiar to former users of Zenly as Amo’s app that is third a location-sharing software — just like Zenly.

In situation you missed the earlier symptoms, Amo is a comparatively brand new startup produced by 10 co-founders (yes, ten) that all done Zenly, the location-sharing software that has been obtained by breeze, grew to be one of the greatest personal apps integrated European countries, after which got turn off by Snap.

Over days gone by couple of years, they’ve been focusing on a galaxy of personal applications which are firmly interconnected — one account, one variety of pals, one notice display and a standard design system.

Amo very first introduced ID, a brand name take that is new your social media profile that lets you express yourself with stickers, photos and drawings. ID lets you create a raw, three-dimensional profile. And it’s a fun space that is collaborative as you are able to drop some content in your pals’ profiles.

With its 2nd software Capture, Amo is generating a camera that is social. It’s both an way that is innovative simply take photographs and a shared camera roll along with your pals and nearest and dearest. It’s maybe not BeReal, it is maybe not Locket, also it’s not Instagram.LocationAmo’s brand new software,

, is just about the simplest someone to explain and realize. It’s a location-sharing application therefore with them— in real life that you can see what your friends are up to, get to know them a bit better and spend more time. In other words, it’s just like Zenly.

— amo (@amoamoamo)

Location is both a utility app and a app that is social. You see a map with your friends when you open the app. You can tap on someone’s profile to see how far by knocking on their screen and tell them you’re on your way.

“We’re trying to build something a little more adult-like, not fall into Zenly’s childishness from you they are, send some hearts, ping them. But we however wish to permit you to do that whenever somebody is belated,” Martin said while showing myself the knock-knock button to someone that is ping. “Or to do this, this, this, if they’re really, really late,” he tapped on the button a times that are few which covered the display in 3D arms slamming from the map.

It’s that kind of wonderful functions that made Zenly be noticed from pure energy applications like Apple’s Get a hold of our. It is possible to zoom inside and out from the chart utilizing one hand by sliding your flash down and up the relative side of the screen. You can move from one friend to another by swiping on the profile card — it’s like a carousel of friends.

“You’ve got all kinds of little details that we’re working on to recreate Zenly, but better than it was before,” Martin said.

Still, Location wants to be as useful as it is fun. From the profile card, you can also initiate a call or send a message (via iMessage) or open a app that is navigation/ride-hailing Apple Maps, Bing Maps and Uber. You can view your friend’s electric battery condition also — plus the software is not likely to destroy your electric battery.

At this aspect, that you don’t want to share your location with everyone if you’ve already added a bunch of people on ID and Capture, you might think. Amo has set up a privacy that is simple in every its applications. You can include a buddy in every regarding the company’s apps and allow or disable a app that is specific. For instance, you can choose to share photos with your work friends in Capture but location that is disable in area.