As a species, a problem is had by us. Bacteria are becoming more and more resistant to antibiotics. Makes sense: Antibiotics kill off all the bacteria they can, but the ones that are remaining somehow survive continue steadily to grow and distribute. Imagine which gene each of them have commonly? That’s right, the one which means they are resistant to antibiotics.

We’ve Known this for years, but instead of accelerating, the ongoing work on new antibiotics is slowing down significantly. Why capitalism that is? It’s actually expensive to build up brand new medicines, as soon as they’re created, it’s difficult to make big money on it.

PhageLab desires to arrive at the relief with a approach that is different using a phage (short for bacteriophage). Phages are a type of virus that infects bacteria and kills them. Unlike traditional antibiotics, phages can be designed to target very specific bacteria, and that lets us use them to only kill the bacteria you want that is don’tsay, salmonella), while your instinct germs remain just about undamaged.

Of training course, the procedure is maybe not without drawbacks. A primary reason antibiotics that are broad-spectrum so well is that doctors often don’t know exactly which bacteria are wreaking havoc, and if you have a phage that attacks only a handful of bacteria, that could pose a challenge.

Still, I love phages in general, and the idea behind PhageLab is rad that is pretty. The group shared their particular pitch deck if you want to submit your own, here’s how you can do that.

Slides in this deck

  1. The page numbering on the deck is wonky (Page 1 is labeled ‘1,’ but page 3 is labeled ‘2’) so keep in mind that when I refer to slide numbers in this teardown, I’m referring to the page number of the PDF, not what’s on the slides themselves with me, so let’s see what the company showed investors to raise its $11 million Series A round.
  2. We’re looking for more unique pitch decks to tear down, so. The slide that is final web page 26 of this PDF, however it is labeled 32, so that it’s obvious that some slides had been erased through the deck before PhageLab shared it beside me. The use is said by the company of funds slide has been removed, but it’s not entirely clear what else was deleted.
  3. Still, let’s review this deck as if this were the story that is full see where which takes us.
  4. Cover fall
  5. Summary fall
  6. Problem fall
  7. Problem review fall
  8. Problem effect slide I
  9. Problem framework fall
  10. Problem summary fall
  11. Problem effect fall II
  12. Problem effect slide III
  13.   marketplace dimensions fall
  14.  “This is exactly how we get it done” Interstitial fall
  15.   Value proposition fall
  16.   “What are phages” fall
  17.   the reason why now slip
  18.   answer slide I
  19.   Solution fall II
  20.   industry test results fall
  21.   “Meet we” interstitial slide
  22.   Team dimensions fall
  23.   Headquarters slip
  24.   group slide
  25.   Summary fall
  26.   Closing slide

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Three items to love

[Slide 6]There’s some certainly great storytelling in this deck.So think about huge pharma?Startups in this area will have to be concerned about the pharma that is big. They can definitely out-spend you, so the relevant real question is exactly how you’re going to outsmart all of them.

Really that is the way you compete: they will have quit.

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[Slide 9]: PhageLabThis slide goes a way that is long answering that: the business enterprise instance for building brand new antibiotics is plummeting, which starts the doorway for PhageLab.
That helps make the urgency clear…

Yeah that’ll manage to get thier interest.

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[Slide 17]: PhageLabI have anything or two to express about how precisely the organization describes its issue declaration, but fall 9 made myself get my breathing. It’s obvious that there’s a huge opportunity for startups that can make a real impact in this space if we are 25 years away from this doomsday scenario. It’s storytelling that is powerful.
That’s a hell of a vow of success

therefore does it work? Image Credits: PhageLab

Bacteria tend to be quite nebulous, so how can you also start? It appears in my experience like Phagelab requested it self: What’s a bacteria that everybody knows is present, understands

where (*)it is present, and it is usually within the news? Salmonella suits the balance well. The business did its analysis and reckons it may eliminate salmonella entirely — a large and benefit that is obvious meals offer stores.
(*)In the others of the teardown, we’ll see three things PhageLab may have enhanced or done differently, along side its pitch that is full deck(*)