At Samsung’s launch event today, where the company introduced its AI-powered Galaxy S24 line of smartphones, the company introduced how AI could improve the calling experience with a new Live Translation feature. The feature, one of several translation features coming to the new smartphones, allows customers to make or receive a call in a language they don’t speak and then receive a translation that is live of telephone call both audibly as well as on the display screen.

The organization demoed the AI technology onstage at today’s event that is unpacked showing how someone could use the new feature to make a restaurant reservation, even though they didn’t speak Spanish. The conversation was translated immediately after they spoke to the other person on the phone within the native Call app. That individual could then react inside their language that is own this case, Spanish, which was then translated again into the caller’s language, English.

“It’s like having your own interpreter that is personal your telephone calls,” noted Samsung VP of item Management, Drew Blackard.

The Live translation feature will launch with support for text and audio translations for up to 13 languages, Samsung said. In addition, all the translation happens on-device, so owners that are samsung telephone calls continue to be personal.

The Feature shall also remember your language settings and which language each of your contacts speaks, so you don’t have to make updates before your conversation. This could be useful for people making a complete lot of worldwide telephone calls, and for regular people, the organization advised.

Image Credits: Samsung

Translation functions also work away from telephone calls, translating everything you state both verbally and via text when it comes to various other person — and vice versa.

Image Credits: Samsung

In inclusion, interpretation has been put into the Samsung keyboard, as you type so you can directly translate words and phrases. Here, as you chat, the keyboard shall identify the language getting used and convert the message to the recipient’s language. This particular feature could possibly be helpful even though both men and women talk the language that is same are more comfortable communicating in their native language.

Samsung notes that users can even select different styles of communication, like “casual” when texting with a friend, or a more language that is formal work connections. There’s also an tone that is excited a social tone (for social media posts, e.g.) and a Shakespearean tone available — the latter if you’re feeling “a little whimsical,” the company added.

Similar to live translation when speaking, these translations also happen on-device thanks to Google’s most efficient model that is AI Gemini Nano.