Probabl isn’t your average AI startup, as this new French company is an Inria spin-off company that revolves around an open source data science library called scikit-learn — Inria is a well-known French technology research institute.

As This Python module is widely used by machine learning teams working on tabular data for scikit-learn, with more than 45,000 stars on GitHub. It can be utilized for model suitable, predicting, cross-validation, etc.

Unless you’re an ML creator, this could be the time that is first hearing about scikit-learn. But many big companies have relied on the library for their own products, such as Spotify, Hugging Face, and Dataiku.

Some of the contributors behind scikit-learn and other inria-backed source that is open are determined to generate an organization to ensure these tasks continue to be definitely created and correctly financed with revenue-making tasks.

Researchers that are joining this task feature Camille Troillard, Gaël Varoquaux, Olivier Grisel, François Goupil, Guillaume Lemaitre, Jérémie Du Boisberranger and Fabien Gandon.

Yann Lechelle, the CEO that is former of hosting company Scaleway, spent four months as Entrepreneur in Residence at Inria working on this project. Following the spin-off from Inria, he will assume the role of CEO of Probabl.

“We are a software publisher, but our first commercial offerings will include professional services, training and certification, specifically around scikit-learn,” Lechelle told me. “Our scope will be broader to cover the complete data cycle from organization and cleaning to machine learning and MLOps.”

As a company, Probabl now has three types of shareholders:

  • Public shareholders, such as Inria’s investment subsidiary Inria Participations, the government that is french its French Tech Souveraineté system;
  • Private investors, such as Costanoa Ventures;
  • And eventually individual contributors.

They will all play a role within the body that is governing of newly formed organization. Probabl is calling itself a company with an industrial and sovereignty mission that is digital. Because of this, it desires to launch source that is truly open, that hasn’t already been the outcome recently within the AI business.