“whenever is a robot an individual?,” My colleague Kirsten asked after that Polestar’s was learned by me climate bot is more human than machine.

Polestar launched its “Truth Bot” on X (formerly Twitter) ahead of COP28, the UN climate conference overseen by an oil executive. The Truth Bot replies to misleading tweets about the climate crisis and electrification, citing research from the IPCC, IEA and Carbon Brief. Unsurprisingly, the account promotes the upsides of electric vehicles. What’d you expect from an EV maker?

Polestar said it made the bot “in light of a environment that is deteriorating it comes down to climate mis- and disinformation on social media marketing systems.” it is maybe not incorrect; under Elon Musk, environment denialism is* that is( on X in particular. The company is also hampering research on disinformation.

So, it makes sense that someone would try to fight fire with fire — or in this case bot vs. bot. Yet, Polestar’s bot is mostly human as far as we can tell. It automatically identifies tweets around different “topic buckets,” Polestar spokesperson Mike Ofiara told For Millionaires over email. “Humans then work their way through and choose which tweets to reply to, and select the response that is appropriate*)This strategy is most likely to get the best. We’ve heard for many years in regards to the harm automatic articles can perform. A* that is( published in Climate Policy, for example, suggested bots were responsible for about a quarter of climate denial tweets. Of course, even if Polestar’s bot was totally automated, I don’t think it would rant inanely about the “2021 study.” Still, good intensions don’t guarantee accuracy. Green Climate CultData published by Carbon Brief in 2020 found that over its whole lifetime, the greenhouse that is total emissions emitted from manufacturing, charging you and operating a typical EV had been less than those involving the average European automobile operating on petrol or diesel.…

serving falsehoods that are up climate. Such tools can also be ChatGPT. It seems unlikely that a account that is human-vetted great motives can contend, amount smart, with completely automatic bots together with real humans who tweet falsehoods, but there does not be seemingly damage in trying.misused intentionally to quickly generate misleading infoIt’s also essential to think about that Polestar is emphasizing the benefits of electric automobiles over fuel guzzlers. In evaluating the 2, some great benefits of EVs are obvious so far as environment carbon and quality emissions go. Yet, so far, Polestar’s account hasn’t mentioned buses or trains. These and other forms of public transit are

, but* that is( the different parts of transport decarbonization.critical

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