Google established these days so it’s moving aside a couple of features that are new Pixel users. Most notably, the tech giant announced that Pixel 8 Pro users will be able to use the phone’s Thermometer app to take their temperature, or someone else’s, with a forehead scan. The reading can be saved by you to your Fitbit profile to have a deeper comprehension of your wellbeing.

When Bing very first revealed the Thermometer application, the technology monster stated it could be used by you to take the temperature of things like your baby’s milk bottle or your coffee. Now the company says users can use the app to scan their body that is own heat. Bing formerly noted the Food And Drug Administration had been reviewing the app’s capacity to just take human anatomy conditions, and it out once it was approved.

Google that it would roll also announced that it unveiled last week, to Pixel 8 and 8 Pro users that it’s launching “Circle to Search, a feature. The function allows you to search from everywhere in your phone gestures that are using circling, highlighting, scribbling or tapping. The company says the new feature is designed to make it more natural to engage with Google Search whenever a questions pops into your head, like when you’re watching a video or looking at an image on social app.

For example, you could circle the corn dog and ask, “Why are these so popular?”

Image if you’re watching a food video featuring a Korean corn dog Credits:


With Circle to locate, it’s possible to get into search from any application, and that means you no further need to stop just what you’re performing to begin a search in your web browser and take a screenshot to tell you to ultimately up search something later. It’s worth noting that the feature is also coming to the galaxy that is new Series smartphones on January 31.

Google can be taking its generative AI Magic Compose technology to Pixel 8 and 8 professional products. The function can perform things such as assist you to rewrite a drafted message in numerous designs or prompt you to seem much more professional and brief.

In inclusion, Bing is taking its Photomoji function towards the Pixel 3a and all sorts of more recent Pixels which have established since. Photomoji allows people change their particular photos that are favorite reactions with AI. Users can pick any photo and create a “photomoji” out of it to use in their conversations.(*)Google says all of these features that are new start moving aside today.(*)