After watching Lucy pull the football from Charlie Brown’s foot at the last possible moment time and time again, we have learned our lesson and are therefore hesitant to believe that 2024 will be the year of the IPO market’s return. It might or may well not take place, but we’re perhaps not wagering upon it.

Alternative sourced elements of exchangeability are consequently top of head — there’s a pile that is towering of companies in need of an exit, or a bailout. Recent research from Cowboy Ventures’ Aileen Lee underscores how wealth that is quickly illiquid built up within the exclusive areas within the last ten years, and exactly how uncommon exits are becoming for unicorns and other richly appreciated startups.

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Lee morning found that the number of unicorns in the U.S. had increased 14 times over the year that is past achieving 532 in 2013 from simply 39 in 2013. But, the price from which unicorns went general public relocated within the contrary direction — just 7% of unicorns these days are finding an exit, down from 66percent for the cohort that is initial. Note that For Millionaires, like many publications, focuses only on private unicorns while Cowboy Ventures is also counting those that have gone public.

This puts startups in a spot that is difficult. Nevertheless the news that is good that some untraveled and overgrown exit paths have a chance of opening up this year. The news that is bad that those ways can offer prices much less than just what numerous startups are able to take. Phone it price that is painful.

Let’s talk private equity, startups, and their marriage that is possible this.

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