Reflecting on the journey since ChatGPT’s debut a year ago, it’s clear that generative AI (GenAI) is more than a trend that is technological it is a pivotal move in the industry landscape.

With very nearly 2 full decades of expertise in strategic and roles that are operational McKinsey, eBay, Nike, and now at Prosus, I have focused on translating emerging technologies into strategies that drive meaningful business growth and value. At Prosus, this has involved guiding startups through the GenAI landscape, helping them not just adapt, but also win in a market that is that is rapidly transforming

In this short article, we distill those learnings into a playbook that is practical GenAI, directed at assisting startups never to just survive but additionally thrive within the GenAI era.

GenAwe price creation

Managing measures that are protective like data protection protocols, with progressive strategies, such as AI-driven product rollouts, is essential.

With a focus that is dedicated GenAI, our profile of organizations happens to be in a position to recognize considerable price throughout the last year across retention, product sales pipeline, conversions, fraudulence avoidance, and functional effectiveness.

While we celebrate these fast gains, the true energy of GenAI is based on being able to put a foundation for long-lasting, renewable success in a constantly developing landscape.Figure 1. sample results from Prosus GenAI price creation projects. Image Credits:


Getting practical

Drawing with this experience that is hands-on I’ve outlined a three-step process, allowing startups to assess their position, strategize and unlock value.

Disruption Diagnostics: Dissect readiness and risk

It is vital to comprehend your company’s current standing with regards to GenAI disturbance. This requires a comprehensive evaluation of threat visibility and readiness that is operational which offers a foundation for a robust GenAI method.(*)