There can be a apps that are few let you log the movies, TV shows and books that you have watched and read. Some of them are indie apps that take advantage of various databases that are online. Many of them, like Letterboxd, Goodreads and Trakt, tend to be full-fledge solutions with huge communities of users.

Memorizer begins with this exact same concept and demonstrates to you you’ve enjoyed to revisit them later that it’s always nice to write a list of the things. But it goes in another direction. This app that is mobile can help you get a hold of determination and promotes you to definitely find out brand-new things.

And it’s already been working very well due to the fact startup features been able to entice a user that is loyal of 70,000 monthly active users. More important, those users keep reopening the app over the run that is long. The company claims that around 50% of users still use the app after three months in a pitch deck. And if you’re not familiar with metrics about consumer mobile apps, that true quantity is abnormally large.

It Starts with a handful of features that let you quickly add things to help they are remembered by you later. By default, Memorizer lets you create lists of books, movies and TV shows, but also places, such as restaurants, museums, exhibitions and cities.

These are just some list ideas you’ve attended, add podcasts and more as you can also use the app to log video games, remember all the concerts. The concept, due to the fact title regarding the software recommends, is the fact that Memorizer will work as a kind of brain dumping *)“ that are app naturally forget 80% of what we do. Day the brain eliminates 80% of your. And also this purging mode does not work very well with your contemporary life,” president and CEO Charles Baron explained. He talked about social media marketing, the continual increase of push notifications and news that is 24-hours as responsible for cognitive overload.

“As A result, we tend to forget the plain things we really like. A few weeks later for instance, I used to read books and forget what was in the book. Sometimes, a later, I’d completely forget that I’d read the book even though I’d really liked it.”Image year Credits:


Every “memoryfor later reference” you add to the app can either be something you’ve just experienced, or something that has been recommended to you. You follow other people and add memories from the “Inspirations” tab as you may have guessed, Memorizer lets. You can choose to make it public or private.

Finally when you add something to your profile, Memorizer also has private and groups that are public. These community teams work a little like thematic groups to locate brand-new dishes or always check movie that is recent. It’s a alternative that is refreshing spammy serp’s in Bing.

Power Users also create lists of their favorite books of all right time or the best movies from 2023. You get the idea, with others, Memorizer is a nice tool for that.

When if you love creating lists and sharing them you include anything to your profile, you need to use the search feature that is built-in. You can usually type a expressed word or two and filter by kind (motion picture, guide, restaurant, etc.) locate exactly what you’re trying to find. You may begin a post from a photo.

An option to suggestion formulas

Memorizer is not only a note-taking that is visual designed for lists. While there are a ton of sub-communities focusing on Italian cuisine, detective novels or travel advice on Instagram, TikTok or YouTube, Memorizer also promotes a different way to consume content.