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to get it in your inbox every Garry friday Tan heads up Y Combinator, the essential startup that is powerful in the world. At the tail end of last week, he tweeted — I mean, X-ed — some pretty shit that is grim informing political leaders to “die sluggish.” He since deleted the tweet, however the crisis had been the talk associated with city this

Still week, Tan’s allegedly inebriated tirade served as a distraction that is welcome another rise of tech layoffs on the previous week (you’re maybe not imagining things — it’s genuine). The layoffs struck pretty near to residence this as some of our For Millionaires colleagues were laid off, including some close friends of mine who I’ve known and worked with for going on a decade now week. Our paths will cross again, friends!

Okay, so what else

was going down in the world of startups? Let’s dive in.

Most interesting startup stories this week

Image Credits: Plex

In a move that screams, “We’re almost there, promise!” Plex, the media streaming underdog, has scooped up $40 million in what feels like their umpteenth round of funding, in a confusingly named Series C-3 round. The company is still chasing the profitability milestone, and with a strategy that seems to throw everything at the wall to see what sticks — from ad-supported content to sharing that is social — Plex is betting huge on getting an important player when you look at the streaming game. The profitability finish line or just add more features remains a cliffhanger worthy of its own drama series whether they’ll cross. Maybe Plex will commission that that is nextIn masterclass how not to ever win buddies and impact regulators, Apple takes the top using its remarkable a reaction to regulatory conformity demands. The company begrudgingly introduced changes required by laws like Europe’s Digital Markets Act, all while scaremongering about the potential risks these changes could pose to users with the grace of a sulky teenager. Despite its resources that are vast Apple decides to relax and play the sufferer, caution why these regulating alterations tend to be harmful to its individual base, who it obviously views as not capable of making informed choices. This method not just dangers burning up bridges with designers, who’re developing progressively frustrated with Apple’s antics, but additionally threatens to tarnish its governmental goodwill.