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Hello, and back that is welcome Equity, the podcast in regards to the company of startups, where we unpack the figures and nuance behind the news headlines.

This is our meeting tv show, where we sit back with interesting, knowledgeable individuals and dive deeply in their topics that are favorite. For this’s Special Equity Edition, we invited

to come back on the podcast weekend. Longtime listeners will remember that we’ve had Gené on an occasion or two to talk investment capital information with us, and she’s returning to perform some exact same this

Yep week, we’re back to dig into Q4 2023 venture capital results and what’s coming up this year. For backing data, here’s

, and here are a few posts we looked into stages, sectors — including both AI and web3 — and where we are seeing both weakness and strength that I have put out on the same set of topics.Equity’s Simplecast websiteOn the show. Gené had been a delicacy to possess regarding the tv show, and we’ll have her back this as 2024 comes into sharper focus.great show on cryptoEquity is back on Monday, so see you in a couple days!show that interviews foundersFor episode transcripts and more, head to