Fast fashion is a market ensnared in work dilemmas and copyright laws dilemmas, and has now a tremendous environmental impact because of its carbon and wastewater emissions. It also happens to have the potential to make a complete lot of income, quickly.

But Despite all these presssing issues, VCs won’t stop loving the sector.

On Wednesday, my colleague Manish Singh wrote a scoop about a Accel that is potential investment Newme, a fast-fashion startup situated in Asia. Newme is an retailer that is app-based produces 500 new items a week with an average price tag of $10. This news comes just a after the company closed a seed round.

Accel week and Newme would not react to demands for opinion.

Newme looks just like a number of other fast-fashion that is VC-backed like Shein, which has raised $4 billion, and Cider, an Andreessen Horowitz–backed startup valued at $1 billion. Cider says it’s on-demand inventory makes it a more fast-fashion option that is ethical. That’s up for discussion, though.

Accel’s possible financial investment into Newme endured off to me personally for a reasons that are few the largest of which is that I’m just not really sure why VCs back these companies.

Fast-fashion companies gained popularity that is rapid big followings for their capability to deliver garments through the runway to the local emporium in record time. Nevertheless the known fact is that often, they can only churn out clothes so quickly by cutting corners. The way that is only get this method tasks are by utilizing inexpensive products and inexpensive — and likely underpaid — work, and perhaps, by copying styles.(*)