TikTok has been* that is( with an auto scrolling mechanic for months now, allowing you to watch TikTok hands-free.

To use the auto scroll feature, you hold down on a video on TikTok’s if you want to repost a video – and click the auto scroll button for you page – similar to. Your feed will today independently swipe through videos without you having to lift a finger. Until you swipe through all the photos.

To if you land on a photo post, however, the scrolling will stop Turn the feature off, hold down on your phone screen again and select “Manual scroll.”hacksSince auto scrolling is still being tested, the feature is only available to a number that is select of people. TikTok’s car scroll happens to be very required among people, with several researching for

using the internet in order to make their particular TikTok that is daily viewing more effective. For-instance, you can easily get into your iPhone options, activate Voice Control and produce a command that may swipe through to the display screen once you state a phrase of the selecting.

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