Welcome to Gag City, the pink metropolis inhabited by stans and brands alike.

In the days leading up to the release of “Pink Friday 2,” Nicki Minaj’s fifth studio album and sequel to her debut record “Pink Friday” that dropped on Friday, Twitter was flooded with AI-generated images of pink-toned cityscapes. Gag City, the dreamy utopia that is false by Minaj along with her Barbz, broke through stan Twitter and became a viral meme that brand reports instantly useful for their advertising — promoting Minaj’s record for free.

Is it a traditional stan-led promotion to create buzz for Minaj? Will it be a plant to online game involvement for the record and companies? What’s clear is the fact that moment that is viral a win for Minaj, manufactured or not.

It started in when Minaj teased the album’s cover art online september. The picture features Minaj on a subway that is pink, drifting through pink clouds with a futuristic (and obviously, pink) city skyline in the background.

She and her Barbz started referring to the album’s release as “Gag City,” NBC News reports, referencing slang that is gay becoming therefore amazed that you’re at a loss for terms. Someone might be gagged by witnessing a outfit that is stunning, or by listening to a perfect record, like “Pink Friday 2.” Leading up to the release, stans started posted AI-generated images of a pink concrete jungle, joking that fictional characters and celebrities were arriving to Gag City in anticipation of Minaj’s album. A fan account shared an

of a pink plane labeled “Gagg City” flying over a similarly pink skyline.another userIn the days before the release, Minaj told fans to “prepare for landing” and teased a description of her pink utopia in one of the first, posted on Dec. 1 according to. Barbz responded with AI-generated renditions for the lineage into Gag City.AnotherX (formerly Twitter) people started crafting sophisticated narratives about Gag City’s inhabitants and federal government. One published a picture of Barbz storming the Pink home, which posted an image called the fandom’s January that is own 6th.

posted an image of pink-clad citizens protesting in the streets of Gag City, calling for Minaj to release the track list that is album’s. While some may genuinely believe that Gag City is a utopia, one account posted an image of a matronly Minaj handing out CDs of her record to impoverished kids “on the borders of Gag City,” implying that the society that is pink has a class divide problem.

An inscription reads “For their return house, the Hive dedicate this supplying to Onika.” posted an image— uncle gworl (@_uncle_gworl) Wheat ThinsNever anyone to lose out on an trend that is easy brand accounts started joining in on the Gag City hype. Chili’s Baskin-Robbins of rosy smoke billowing from its restaurant, which makes me wonder if air pollution exists in Gag City. Dunkin’ Donuts, Pizza Hut, Red Lobster, Oreo, Bing (??), Empire State Building,

, thegenerally seen as a shitty move and countless others posted their versions of Gag City.

On one hand, memes tend to die the minute brand accounts start co-opting them — nothing is more tiresome than seeing a fun joke turn into a marketing ploy that is corporate-friendly. AI-generated photos are usually ethically fraught, and experts have actually raised problems over AI generators trained on artwork without having the permission for the work’s performers. Musicians have criticized companies for making use of AI-generated art rather than commissioning work from a proper, human being singer. Though making use of art that is AI-generated commercial use is legal, as copyright laws pertaining to AI are virtually non-existent, it’s

by many in the art world.posting bad takes about Covid vaccinesOn the other, it’s free promotion for Minaj, and as a lifelong Barb who spent her adolescence running a stan account for “Pink Friday,” I consider it a win.convicted sex offenderNicki Minaj is an artist who’s been embroiled in controversy throughout her career, from

to defending her husband Kenneth Petty, a audiences have started to resist.. She may be a artist that is brilliant but her challenging record tends to make her not even close to the family-friendly general public figure that companies are more inclined to promote.

But with Gag City, Minaj features companies performing each of her advertising and marketing on her. “Pink Friday 2” is an artistic marvel though I am probably biased), but the free promotion that it’s been getting as a viral meme is particularly astounding in itself. Artists have spent the last few years trying to drum up engagement for their work by making their songs trend on TikTok, which

Gag City does bank that is n’t becoming the viral tune for the summertime to operate a vehicle online streaming figures — the little bit is taken away adequate for non-stans to savor it, while nevertheless revolving across the record it is promoting.(*)Brand Twitter has a tendency to switch enjoyable styles into marketing and advertising options, using community that is organic and spitting out contrived versions clearly made to go viral. It may be grating, but in this full instance, it is involved in Minaj’s benefit. This everyone wants to go to Gag City.(* week)