Four years after making iOS, Fortnite is coming back — but just players that are european be dropping in this time.

The endless beef between Epic Games and Apple over the company’s App Store fees took its most surprise that is recent on Thursday once the iPhone maker launched modifications arriving at iOS within the EU. In an attempt to conform to the Digital Markets Act (DMA), a group of pro-competition guidelines applied to control six of this tech companies that are biggest, Apple will begin allowing apps to be “sideloaded” — installed from sources beyond the App Store’s walled garden.

The significant changes will allow developers to distribute iOS apps through alternative channels or craft their own even software marketplaces. Apple features very long resisted iOS that are allowing to offer their apps through sideloading, as Google Play allows, arguing that the practice would weaken the platform’s security and privacy standards.

In light of the changes, Epic plans to bring Fortnite, the hit battle royale game — now evolving into its sort that is own of marketplace — back again to iOS this season. The master plan to supply Fortnite for iOS dovetails with Epic’s development bout we bring that back.@EpicGamesLater that it will launch a version of the Epic Games Store on the platform in the EU.
Remember Fortnite on iOS?@AppleHow this year Fortnite will return in Europe on iOS through the* that is( Store.January 25, 2024

(shoutout DMA – a significant law that is new the EU making this possible).

, the world is watching.

— Fortnite (@FortniteGame)