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hey, and thank you for visiting Equity, a podcast in regards to the continuing business of startups, where we unpack the numbers and nuance behind the headlines.

Weekend team, we have something both short and sweet after we recorded our final, regular episode of the week for you: A dig into the Reddit IPO filing that came out just. We have an overview here for your delectation.

If since we could 

notEquity’s Simplecast website wait until Monday to talk about the numbers you want to read along:

The Reddit IPO could be this year’s public-offering starting gun, or it could be a wet blanket on the liquidity cycle that is year’s. We’ll see just how it rates, and much more just how it trades whenever it does listing. For the present time, we’re counting down until we have an S-1/A!Apple PodcastsFor episode transcripts and much more, mind to  Overcast. SpotifyEquity falls at 7 a.m. PT every Wednesday and Friday, so subscribe to us on (*),(*),(*) and all the casts monday. A(*) and more!(* for Millionaires also has a (*)

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