Journal app Day One is introducing Shared Journals, a new social feature that lets you share stories and memories with your friends and family. Shared Journals are a space that is private both you and your pals can share life changes with one another. It’s sort of like a little network that is social you can share experiences with up to 30 other people. Members of Shared Journals can leave comments and reactions on entries, bringing a level that is new of discussion to your journal app.

Day One notes that Shared Journals are individual from your own private journals and therefore no entry in a journal that is private ever be shareable. The company also notes that Shared Journals are end-to-end encrypted. As the creator of a shared journal, you can remove members, and as a known member, there is the solution to keep Shared Journals.

You require a one Premium subscription, which costs $3 per month, to create Shared Journals day. People you invite can access a free account to your Shared Journal. Premium people can cause Shared that is unlimited Journals

There are many different ways for users to use Shared Journals, the company says, whether it’s connecting with family or friend that is small. As an example, you should use the function as a family that is digital book, especially if your family is spread across different locations. Or, you can use Shared Journals as a travel that is collaborative for which you along with your family all share tales and pictures from trips.

It is also utilized for health projects like physical fitness difficulties and psychological state organizations. You can easily share recommendations with other people and motivate the other person while you overcome difficulties collectively. You can create a couples journal where you and your partner reflect on your relationship and celebrate milestones together.

To if you want a more intimate Shared Journal get started with Shared Journals, you need to tap the app’s upper left menu where you will see a new section that is“Shared. You will have to click “New Shared Journal” and customize and identify your Shared that is new Journal. Day One suggests making the title and description clear with others since you will be sharing it. Then you can ask users through an link that is invite. After sharing invite links, you shall have the choice to accept or decrease user demands.

Once you publish the entry that is first the Shared Journal, it will appear in the “Timeline” view for the Shared Journal. The entry shall appear utilizing the day, your title and a preview of every pictures or photos you put into it. It shall also appear with any reactions and a comment count.

The launch of the feature that is new only over four weeks after Apple formally rolled down its Journal software. The software enables you to capture moments with text, pictures, video clips, sound tracks, areas and much more. Journal additionally leverages AI to present people with customized recommendations for record entries. With today’s statement, it is feasible that one is looking to retain and attract users by giving them access to a feature that differentiates its platform from the competition.(* day)