Ten years that is after( Cowboy Ventures’ founder Aileen Lee gave unicorns their nickname, she and her team are back with fresh analysis on private companies worth more than $1 billion.

So much has changed in unicorn land since 2013 that you can read here that it deserves the kind of thorough recap. But there’s a point that is really worth zooming on: the move to enterprise, and just what can happen next.

As the amount of unicorns boomed from 39 to a lot more than 532, Cowboy unearthed that their nature that is very also. “The pendulum swung hard to enterprise, with 78% of unicorns focused on B2B, the inverse of 2013,” Lee and her team member Allegra Simon wrote.

But today investing a lot more than 10 years in technology shows you some thing: is prepared for the pendulum to move straight back. Therefore Cowboy’s prediction that “given the shift that is hard enterprise,” we could “hope and anticipate much more interesting customer unicorns will undoubtedly be created in coming many years.”(*)