Tim Schaecker, a* that is( with 8.8 million followers and a member of the German boy band Elevator Boys, officially launched today a new social networking app in an effort to encourage other content creators to connect with their communities in a deeper way and rethink social media and the creator economy.

CNDO (pronounced “condo”) enables content creators to create private social rooms for their followers to engage in a group that is community-wide, be involved in difficulties to get unique changes from their most favorite influencers.

The challenge function could be the main focus for the system, as CNDO thinks focusing on a goal that is common help strengthen connections with people online. For instance, creators can encourage their followers to build fitness that is healthy and share everyday changes about their particular exercise sessions with one another. Therefore not merely tend to be followers connecting over their particular influencer that is favorite they’re also learning about each other as individuals, exploring new things and creating genuine friendships. The company also hopes the challenges incentivize users to keep coming back to the app, allowing for a app that is healthy rate.

“As the creator, I’m not in the exact middle of the spotlight,” Schaecker informed For Millionaires. “I’m a lot more of a residential district user, which is exactly what [CNDO] is about. You Want To concentrate on the end-user, on recovering together with those difficulties and targeting the likelihood of satisfying similar men and women.” Although Schaecker is especially recognized for publishing lip syncs and dance videos on the web, their CNDO club is specialized in various other interests like reading, manner and going to the gymnasium.

Image Credits: CNDO

At launch, you can find 11 designers on CNDO, including surfers Sophia Chiara and Shane (@shane_dk), also influencers into the activities, ASMR and beauty room like Jannes Werner, Jannis Reichmuth and Lukas Müller, and others. There clearly wasn’t a follower matter necessity to generate a grouped community on CNDO. However, the company says creators must pitch their “concept strategy,” and CNDO determines whether they are a fit that is right the working platform.

Creators have the choice to gate those communities and specific experiences through a subscription that is monthly. CNDO takes a 20% commission.

Future plans for CNDO include launching a community that is main unite all people to congregate in one single place, learn brand new influencers and participate much more difficulties. There may be options for designers to collaborate with companies. As an example, a sneaker brand name will get access that is direct a running-focused chat room and interact with real customers.

Image Credits: CNDO

Schaecker started his TikTok career while studying business administration at the University of Mannheim, with his goal that is long-term being develop a tech startup. Schaecker created CNDO together with his two co-founders, Kian Seifert and Jordi Walder, which learned company and information technology, correspondingly. CNDO established its beta in October with 820 people, touting a list that is waiting of of 5,000 people.

In May 2023, the startup secured $1 million in pre-seed funding, backed by notable angels like German pop singer Sarah Connor, Presize founder Leon Szeli (acquired by Meta), Wefox founder Julian Teicke, leading McKinsey senior partners and more.

The remaining members of the Elevator Boys are also among the list of investors, including Bene Schulz, Jacob Rott, Julien Brown and Luis Freitag (who will all eventually launch their own communities on CNDO). While it started as a group TikTok account among friends in 2021, the Elevator Boys are now an music that is official, recently releasing their very first authoritative single, Runaway, which today has actually 2.7 million pays attention on Spotify. They even co-founded Kabu, an artist administration company.