Clubhouse, the once-popular audio that is live, today announced users can now text their friends, and they’ll hear those texts in the sender’s custom voice.

To stay relevant amid user drop-off, Clubhouse debuted group voice chats where members can send voice that is asynchronous to one another, plus they seems in a format like Instagram Stories.

With Today’s announcement, the ongoing company is acknowledging that you might not be in a situation to send voice messages to each other. So you can train your custom voice, send texts, and your friends would hear the message in the voice that is recreated. An indicator is showed by the app to your friends when the AI voice is reading out a message.

You can now send texts on Clubhouse and it will read out messages

Image Credits: Clubhouse

In a blog post, the company said this feature still retains the feeling of being in a chat that is real-time a friend.

“Imagine You text a close friend, but on the other end they hear your words as if you actually said them. Your custom voice makes talking and typing or reading and listening all feel seamless, so you never lose that feeling of being in a conversation that is live” the organization said.

Clubhouse promises its AI has the capacity to replicate your vocals near to the initial even if you train it by reading simply a phrases that are few. The company said the AI can’t recreate your laughter well (so maybe don’t type hahaha?).

Clubhouse custom voice

Image Credits: Clubhouse

The ongoing business may also generate a voice by itself if you should be perhaps not comfortable tracking your vocals. The startup performed specify any details n’t, but it would be likely a text-to-speech model.

Currently, This feature is only available in the U.S. at the brief minute.

The app’s usage has actually dwindled within the last years that are few. It last raised a round at a reportedly $4 billion valuation. In the last few years, it has had layoffs that are several. But year that is last the company claimed to have a few years of runway left. Now it’s experimenting with AI-powered features to make conversations between friends easier, hoping that the users would *)Notably stick around, just last year, Apple circulated an element known as Personal Voice, which produces a voice that appears like you. This will be specially ideal for those who can be susceptible to losing their particular singing ability that is speaking problems like ALS.