Google has

that Google Pay is shutting down in the United States in June, as the standalone app has largely been replaced by Google Wallet year. The move is said by the company is made to streamline its repayment applications. After the separate software shuts down in the usa, it will probably simply be for sale in Singapore and Asia.

Although the alteration might seem unexpected, it’s wise for Bing to combine and streamline its repayment applications which will make its solutions less complicated for the people, because it props up Bing Wallet because the go-to, single application for the repayment functions.

Users can continue steadily to access the app’s many features that are popular from Google Wallet, which Google says is used five times more than the Google Pay app in the United States.

After 4, users will no longer be able to send, request or receive money through the U.S. version of the Google Pay app june. People have actually until that time to look at and move their particular Bing Pay balance with their bank-account through the application. You can view and transfer your funds to your bank from the Google Pay website.