Karen Serfaty and Gianina Rossi, both designers from Argentina, struggled to obtain U.S.-based organizations in the last ten years, as well as the issue that is same coming up: how to manage taxes while being a contractor in another country.

Joining with San Francisco-based Josefina Van Thienen, who had worked at Microsoft building strategic partnerships with tech companies focusing in AI, they took a deeper look at the problem and found taxes weren’t the problem that is only organizations wish to employ globally.

“When you’re working from European countries, Asia or Latin The united states, you will be generally getting compensated in U.S. bucks, perhaps not your currency that is local, Serfaty, CEO, told For Millionaires. “You try to go to your HR manager for help in sending the money to a bank account, and the answer is usually ‘no.’”

So the trio started Atlas, a work benefits tool for global companies to manage their contractor benefits from one place. No matter where they are located through Atlas, companies can offer benefits like tax management, health insurance and social perks to their entire headcount. Additionally there is a marketplace of advantages that may be custom made into the ongoing company or contractor.

They Founded the ongoing organization from Argentina in 2021. Latin America generally speaking is a hotbed of international talent that is remote Serfaty said. The employee benefits market itself has experienced a lot of change and growth, especially during the pandemic that is global there is a surge in remote hiring.

Customers took note. Atlas is using the services of organizations, including Mercury, Firstbase, Deel and Payoneer.

“The objective would be to get three clients in a or drop the project, and we secured five,” Serfaty said month. “Those clients’ accounts grew 5x in a year with us.”

Since launching the platform in March 2023, the company has designed features that are proprietary included hundreds of advantages and broadened their particular existence to pay for 26 nations into the Americas and European countries. The company grew its revenue 2x and is close to an annual recurring revenue of $1 million.

Investors during that time noticed, too. Atlas is the company that is latest to improve some seed expansion money into the track of $2.75 million. Hi Ventures (former ALLVP) led the round and had been accompanied by Oskar Hjertonsson, creator of Cornershop. As A Whole, the organization increased near to $5 million along with other backers, including Jason Calacanis and Pioneer, buying the seed round.

“We Are seeing a complete lot of traction from customers, including bigger customers, with no churn, so we’re seeing a lot of stickiness,” Serfaty said. “The goal is to now grow our companies that are u.S.-based worldwide reach.”(*)