With the Vision Pro finally available, many consumers are curious about Apple’s AR/VR headset and the apps that come with it. While some are from companies you recognize — Disney+, Max, TikTok, Zoom, Reddit and others — there are plenty of independent developers that launched apps that are visionOS-optimized

From spatial problem games to an app where you are able to see design that is interior in 3D, here are some of the visionOS apps from smaller developers that users can try out when their headset arrives. We’ll keep adding more to this list as they roll out.


Soul Spire

Image Credits: Soul Assembly

Soul Spire is a puzzle that is spatial solely created for the Vision professional. People must release the friendly ghosts that are little within color-shifting cubes.


Image Credits: Ryan McLeod

Blackbox is a unique puzzle that is spatial where, as opposed to tapping or swiping, people must communicate with puzzles — which appear as drifting bubbles within the physical world — in various other innovative methods like performing and turning, among various other practices that don’t include employing their arms.

Ploppy Sets

Image Credits: Tempuno/Michael Temper

Ploppy Pairs is a card-matching online game that may be enjoyed friends via SharePlay during FaceTime telephone calls. You may also go, scale and turn the cards you or make them as big as your floor so they appear on the coffee table in front of. Additionally, Michael Temper — the developer behind Ploppy — is launching a game that is hidden-object “Where is Ploppy?”.

Doodle Draw

Image Credits: Sindre Sorhus

Doodle Draw is a straightforward electronic design pad where you are able to brainstorm some ideas and make use of your imagination to sketch doodles with different brushes, pencils, markers and colors.

Tiny Fins

Image Credits: ditached* that is gmbH( is a cute underwater game where you guide a school of fish through bubble rings, avoiding enemies like sharks and squid.


Loóna is a relaxing spatial puzzle game where you have to assemble 3D dioramas that transform into animated scenes.



Image Credits: ModumHQ

NowPlaying is for all your music knowledge and discovery needs. Search your favorite song to learn detailed information about the artists, see recommendations, experience 3D models of Grammys and other music awards, and even earn trophies that can be displayed on a shelf that is virtual. By way of its ShazamKit integration, in addition can identify which track is playing in your environment, whether or not it’s from a vinyl record or a TV tv show playing within the history.


Image Credits: Algoriddim

DJ software and mixer that is AI*) is aimed at recreating the live DJ experience, featuring an interactive, hyperrealistic 3D turntable with controllable knobs and buttons, different futuristic-looking environments/backgrounds and a built-in music library.DjaySpool

Music video editor

allows you to create music videos and add effects that are visual you perform by tapping aesthetic shields.SpoolAmazeVR Shows

Image Credits:

AmazeVR allows you to view live-action 3D video footage of the preferred singer in rendered digital surroundings. Additionally readily available on Meta journey, AmazeVR has previously managed VR shows with T-Pain, Megan Thee Stallion, Zara Larsson and UPSAHL.

AmazeVR ConcertsSpatial Symphony

Pinch gestures would be the prime things for communications using the visionOS program.

is a synthesizer managed by hand motions, acting as a guitar whenever you move both hands floating around. The designer stated that the theory originated in Theremin — a instrument that is real-life generates sound as you move your hands in the air. There are controls for waveform, reverb, distortion, chorus, scale snapping and more. In addition, Spatial Symphony includes a waveform that is three-dimensional, rendering it so that the noise waves move toward you in 3D.Spatial SymphonyAnimoog Galaxy

Image Credits:

Moog offers a virtual synthesizer playing knowledge, mixing generative visuals and sound along with your environment. Making use of numerous actual motions, you’ll play and modulate noises along with replace the history through the over 120 presets readily available, including a futuristic theme that is sci-fi

Animoog Galaxytappr.tv

Image Credits:

deej essentially lets you create a laser show with your fingers while listening to music. You can also choreograph dances and publish them for other users to enjoy.



Image Credits:

MindNode is a visual brainstorming app that helps you outline and organize notes in the form of thought bubbles that float around your virtual space.


Image Credits:

Cynapse is a dashboard app that lets you bring your KPIs from over 90 tools like HubSpot and Google Sheets to view all your tasks in one place.


Image Credits:

The Omni GroupProject management tool

introduces a dedicated app for the Vision Pro that allows you to visualize Gantt charts in a large window the size of your room. The Omni Group is also bringing its other apps to the headset, including OmniFocus, OmniGraffle and OmniOutliner.OmniPlanJigSpace

Image Credits:

JigSpace enables anyone to show the use to their ideas of 3D content, sound, video clip and text in spatial presentations. The business makes use of the Alfa Romeo F1 to its collaboration Team as an example (image shown above), bringing its life-size C43 car built to scale.


is a task management app that applies the Pomodoro method. You can start and stop timers and track your progress on different tasks. You can also put a focus that is small screen in the part although you browse various other applications. The software is no-cost when it comes to year that is first Vision Pro. After that, users can pay an annual fee of $39.99 to use it across iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch and Mac.

FocusImage Credits:

Meaningful thingsFocused

Work(for you. Focused WorkImage*)If you don’t want any of the task management stuff, but just want to create timers,

is the app Credits: Focused Work

Things 3

Image Credits: Cultured Code GmbH & Co. KG

Things monitors all your valuable to-do listings. You are able to communicate making use of your eyes, arms, and vocals, going the house windows around or hiding the sidebar to pay attention to one listing at a right time.



Image Credits: Axel Le Pennec

Tizipizi is a right time area converter and globe time clock, allowing you to transform time for you to set up a group ending up in staff globally. The software additionally lets you compare access with colleagues and customize clocks by assigning it to a event that is certain renaming it after someone who lives in that time zone.


Image Credits: Good Snooze/Jordi Bruin

Navi translates conversations in real time, allowing you to see live captions during FaceTime calls.

World Clock Widgets

Well, the true title claims all of it. It’s world clock widgets when it comes to Vision professional device.


Study Snacks

Study Snacks splits the text you might be mastering throughout the area and after that you need to place them collectively to imagine the word that is right


The Subjects app, which helps students with tracking classes, homework and grades, is launching its version for Vision Pro.

Image Credits: Subjects

Other Fun Apps

Sky Guide

Image Credits: Fifth Star Labs

Sky Guide reimagined its constellation finder app for the Apple Vision Pro, giving you an immersive experience built for spatial computing so you can imagine you’re star gazing inside your home. The app also uses gaze detection to aim a laser pointer at planets and stars as well as hand gestures to zoom in or pull constellations from the sky.

Planner 5D

Image Credits: Planner 5D

Planner 5D, a home that is 2D/3D device, is taking its interior decorating features into the Vision professional. People can view 3D design projects, tailor products employing their eyes and arms, explore a catalog that is large of and home décor, as well as experience renders and 360 panoramas in VR mode.

AR Art Projector

Da Vinci Eye’s AR Art Projector enables artists to project a picture that is transparent stencil onto any area for them to effortlessly track, sculpt or reduce. They’re painting in a room for instance, they can use the app to project an image onto a wall to help sketch an outline for a large mural. There are also features that are editing picture filters therefore the capability to deconstruct any photo.

Elite Hoops

Image Credits: Elite Hoops

Elite Hoops, the baseball play creation software, established its visionOS app so baseball mentors can set up performs and defenses to see their exercises become more active inside their areas.


Since YouTube didn’t develop an app when it comes to Vision professional, indie designer Christian Selig, most widely known for the Reddit that is third-party client, made one instead. The $5 Juno app uses YouTube’s embed API to load videos in a web view and offers controls for playback. (Read more about Juno here).

Image Credits: Christian Selig(* that is*)Söka( is a goal tracker software where you are able to make various container lists and monitor all of them. It allows you to do such things as establishing nations you have actually checked out on a virtual chart, searching pictures to increase Unsplash integration to your goal and discovering new activities.

SökaImage Credits:



Vision Pro is launching with Apple’s Mindfulness. But if you are looking for other apps,

has features like meditation timers, daily tracking and immersive sounds for your session.ZenitzerLungy: Spaces

provides a range of interactive breathing exercises, allowing you to listen to music that is relaxing touch drifting things and perform virtual tools.

Lungy: SpacesOdio

Image Credits:

OdioWellness application

provides immersive soundscapes that are spatial artistic animations paired with ambient sounds designed to help you escape from everyday distractions. Odio also allows you to share your favorite soundscape sessions through SharePlay as well as experience 3D audio using head-tracking-enabled devices like AirPods Pro and Beats Fit Pro.OdioEndel Realms

offers an experience that is audiovisual you’ll communicate with gesture-controlled particles of light that can look like shooting stars, a warm sunset, or rays. Additionally, the soundscapes adapt in real time, Endel describes on its web site. For example, they are able to answer inputs like time, weather condition, your heart location and rate.


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