There’s a good reason why some people are die-hard Microsoft Outlook fans. It brings together your emails, your calendar events and your contacts in a app that is single. But… it’s Outlook. Plus some folks can’t remain its convoluted screen.

Amie, very revolutionary applications into the brand-new trend of diary applications, is incorporating email messages to its software to make certain that users don’t need certainly to change to and fro between their particular diary and their particular mail client to set up a gathering or see whether they have time and energy to achieve a task that is specific

This new feature is part of the 1.0 release of the app after a couple of years in private beta. People can now sign up and download the app without any code that is invite. Dennis Müller, the creator and CEO of Amie, said that the business made a decision to drop its waitlist as a result of Notion’s launch of idea Calendar week that is last

“I expected their launch to be negative for us. It ended up being very positive,” Dennis Müller told me in an email. Notion acquired Cron, another calendar startup to serve as the basis for its second app.

“I’ve got respect that is mad Cron. They’ve built the calendar that is best out of all the new ones. Very focused on nailing basics,” Müller said. But Notion Calendar hasn’t changed much since the acquisition of Cron.

It has a few new integrations with Notion’s app that is main solution, including the capability to produce an idea document and connect it to a conference — this might be helpful for conference records, for example. Idea Calendar users can view a Notion also database (with dates and deadlines) as a calendar.

Bringing innovation to the calendar app

The launch of Notion Calendar has showed once again that there are other calendar apps out there in addition to Google Calendar and Microsoft Outlook. And just like with task management apps, people are looking for different things. There’s room for more than just one task management app, and more than just one calendar app.

And this brings us back to Amie. Everything that I wrote about the app nearly two years ago is still true. A reminder, Amie is a calendar app that works with your Google account it’s an incredibly well-designed product full of little details, smart takes on the interaction model and nice animations.

As. After registering, the business imports and displays your Google Calendar events in a calendar that is traditional.

But Amie is also an take that is opinionated the diary. Lots of people produce activities that aren’t actually activities. They become reminders of things they should do through the

That’s week why Amie also lets you manage your todo list. In the left column, you can create tasks without thinking too much about it. It’s like adding a bullet that is new to a continuous number — you should not take into account the deadline simply yet.

After that, from the left-hand side and drop it into your week view if you want to define a date and time for this task, you can just drag it. It’ll appear as an event, right next to your other calendar events.

If you’re already using a full-fledge task management app, Amie has built integrations with other third-party services, such as Notion, Linear, Things, Todoist and Ticktick so in sync.

Amie that you can either import your tasks from those other services or keep them works really in solamente, but it surely shines as a team with your coworkers if you can use it. Each user has its profile that is own card Amie allows you to rapidly examine whenever one of the colleagues is present by hovering over their particular profile image into the sidebar. Amie additionally aids several reports, which may be helpful to see your private as well as your work diary into the app. that is same can also generate Calendly-like links to share other users to their availabilities. The application creates a web link which can be pasted into a message discussion. And from now on, as Amie additionally brings your mail inbox to your calendar, it is possible to deliver the e-mail right into the app.split-screen featureAmie’s mail integration remains a little fundamental, nonetheless it receives the task done with regards to drafting a email that is new checking your latest conversations. “We built it inspired by CarPlay from Apple. There you get everything you care about on one display, we want to achieve the same for productivity,” Müller said.

The email inbox also lives in the left column. It appears as another todo list that refreshes in real time as new emails arrive. You can click on an email to read it and reply directly in Amie.

On mobile, you can view your email and your calendar using an extremely satisfying

. You can drag and drop the divider in the middle of the screen to see more of your inbox or more of your calendar.More Importantly, as many people consider emails as tasks, you can drag your email onto the calendar to schedule a time and date to answer that mail or work from the content of this mail.

Interestingly, Amie is advantage that is also taking of fact that you’re already in your calendar app. You say “let’s meet tomorrow at 4pm”, it shows a preview card of your calendar tomorrow at 4 PM to see if there’s any conflict when you draft a new email and. Likewise, it is possible to emphasize text in a message and transform it into an Amie task.

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These would be the very first attributes of email messages in Amie. We can’t wait to look at features that are smart could be added now that Amie can see both your calendar and your inbox.RiseWith this launch, Amie is also adding a premium plan. Everything I described in this article will remain free except the email feature that is new. Which will be restricted to Amie professional members which spend $15/€12 per DaybridgeThe month other big feature that is new would be offered to advanced users soon could be the capability to utilize AI to instantly discover time for the todos.MotionIn inclusion to idea Calendar, there are lots of organizations attempting to reinvent the diary. There’s Akiflow, Fantastical,


, and also

if you are using Apple products.(*)Right Now, there are 14 people working on Amie and the ongoing company has raised $8 million in total. So let’s see me.(*)Image if it can stand out from the competition in 2024 and become “a one-in-a-million-product,” as Amie founder Dennis Müller told Credits:(*) Amie(*)