The crypto world is riddled with sound. Memecoins, speculation, carpet draws, cons, buzz and doomers distract us from most of the stuff that is innovative are building with blockchains. And sometimes the noise pollutes the stream of information so much, it can get really difficult to continue to believe in the technology.

Still, one venture capital veteran feels the way that is only reduce an obvious course would be to target blockchain technology and startups building in the market.

“Crypto And blockchains are in the news a complete lot, but a lot of it is around speculation and prices. I feel that there’s another side of the story,” Chris Dixon, partner at Andreessen Horowitz (a16z), told me on For Millionaires’s Chain Reaction podcast. “It’s the side of the story we work with live in, which is what I would call the productive side of blockchains.”

Dixon that I live in, that the entrepreneurs has-been at a16z since 2012 in which he also helped discovered the crypto that is firm’s, which he currently leads. In the year that is past therefore, he’s already been heads-down composing their brand new guide, “Read Write Own,” which arrived out earlier in the day this week.

In the guide, Dixon compares blockchains to metal plus the internet 2.0 net to lumber — whenever metal very first came into being, many people believed it had been unneeded because timber worked good, however things changed considerably as soon as metal ended up being followed at scale.(*)