As valuations come down, now more than ever, founders “need to prove their company is built to last with long-term profitability and scalability in mind,” writes Russ Heddleston, CEO of DocSend at Dropbox.

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According to DocSend data, investors aren’t scouring pitch decks as earnestly as they were in the past. There’s still a market for early-stage deals, though. “For founders now, perfecting the pitch, having an efficient sales strategy, and scoping the product with urgency will create a foundation that is strong success that attracts people.”

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Ask Sophie: Is it easier yet for AI founders to get cards that are green

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Dear Sophie,

I’m thinking about the Biden administration’s efforts to hold AI skill in the usa. Exactly how could be the management making it simpler for AI businesses to sponsor staff members for permanent residence? Will the true number of green cards earmarked for individuals in the AI field increase?

— All About AI

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Crypto valuations ‘came back into earth’ in 2023, but VCs anticipate all of them to go up once again in 2024

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This 12 months has actuallyn’t already been ideal for crypto organizations, but modification may be beingshown to people there. Specialists informed Jacquelyn Melinek that crypto activity will probably pick back-up again in 2024. “The drier funding environment of 2023 just served to weed out of the weaker companies that had were able to secure money in 2021,” she writes.

Seed to Series A: Strategic insights for technology creators when you look at the 2024 endeavor landscape

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A brand new report from Forum Ventures provides a great go through the ongoing state of early-stage B2B SaaS assets.

The information may be discouraging, “but the gold liner is rounds are getting done and businesses that discover product-market fit should take advantage of scaling into just what will be the following bull marketplace on the coming many years,” writes Forum Ventures CEO and handling lover Mike Cardamone.